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Dry ice blasting package prices are the cheapest possibility to offer economically attractive prices for you as a customer in a competitive way. We have significantly reduced package prices on offer and can therefore bundle our high-performance ecoJETpro24 and ecoJETpro58 dry ice blasting machines with compressors from renowned compressor manufacturers for you. There is currently no comparable supplier on the market offering combinations from different manufacturers at prices that are second to none.



Our innovative dry ice blasting machine ecoJETpro58 is available in a combination package at great conditions. With compressors from DOOSAN and BABATZ, you get coordinated combinations that meet all requirements.

We can offer you further combination packages individually according to your wishes and requirements. Our service includes comprehensive advice. Dry Ice Blasting Package Price Combi Package: buy – lease.

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ecoJETpro58 + DOOSAN 7/31E

air delivery quantity per minute: 3.0 m³

Operating nominal pressure: 7.0 bar

Air outlet connections: 2 x ¾” Motor (number of cylinders): Yanmar (3)

Power: 26.0 kW Electricity: 12 V

Tank capacity: 50 l

operating weight: 650kg length (on towing device): 2.923 mm width: 1.390 mm

Dry Ice Blasting Package Price Stationary Combi Package

ecoJETpro58 + BABATZ AK20-H10

BABATZ screw compressor

Low-speed sound-insulated rotor with regulation

Delivery quantity: 2,09 m³/min.

Max. operating pressure: 10 bar Operating pressure: 10 bar

Engine power: 15,0 kW

Voltage:400/690V / 50Hz

Protection class 55 IP motor, incl. Control4 with direction of rotation control and energy saving function

BABATZ compressed air tank 500 litres, 11 bar

Galvanized, vertical, pressure stage 11bar
Babatz refrigeration dryer BT160
incl. electrical drainage

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