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Compressors for dry ice blasting equipment

ecoTES has the right compressor for every application. Whether mobile under the toughest conditions, or in the workshop an efficient, stationary compressor you demand. Compressors Dry ice blasting units. Our coordinated range covers every requirement you may have. Our compressors are powerful and also meet energy efficiency requirements. Continuous operation is of course feasible and designed for this purpose. Buy, lease or rent compressors dry ice blasting equipment.
Our compressors are easy to operate so that you can concentrate fully on your work. Reliable functionality and long-term operational reliability round off the requirement profile for all compressors. You don’t have to worry about the longevity, well-known manufacturers stand for it. This offers you the desired investment protection. You need even more details to make the right decision. We offer competent advice – without frills!
DOOSAN 7/31E compressors dry ice blasting machines


Air delivery per minute: 3.0 m³ Nominal operating pressure: 7.0 bar Air outlet connections: 2 x ¾” Motor (number of cylinders): Yanmar (3) Power: 26.0 kW Electrics: 12 V Tank capacity: 50 l Operating weight: 650 kg Length (on towing device): 2,923 mm Width: 1,390 mm
CompAir C14 Compressor for dry ice blasting machines

CompAir C14

Volume flow 1,400 L/min Operating pressure 7-8 bar Sound level 99 dB Nominal power 13.2 kW Tank capacity 20 litres Drive engine Honda GX 610V-Twin
ecoKOMP510 Compressor for dry ice blasting machines


Flow rate 3,460 L/min Operating pressure 7.5 bar Sound level 68 dB Nominal power 22 kW Weight 618 kg Dimensions LxWxH 1738 x 799 x 1296 mm
BABATZ AK20-10 Compressor for dry ice blasting machines


Screw compressor Sound-insulated slow speed with control Delivery quantity: 2.09 m³/min. Max. operating pressure: 10 bar Operating pressure: 10 bar Motor power: 15.0 kW Voltage: 400/690V / 50Hz Protection class 55 IP Motor, incl. Control4 with direction of rotation control and energy saving function Compressed air tank 500 litres, 11 bar Galvanised, vertical, pressure stage 11 bar Refrigeration dryer BT160 incl. electrical drainage
ecoKOMP 3000 Compressor for dry ice blasting machines

ecoKOMP 3000

Volumenstrom 3.000 L/min Betriebsdruck 10 bar Schallpegel <62 dB Nennleistung 22 kW Gewicht 655 kg Maße LxBxH 11980x750x1810 mm
RENNER RDK 22.0 Compressor for dry ice blasting machines


Volumenstrom 3.460 L/min Betriebsdruck 7.5 bar Schallpegel 68 dB Nennleistung 22 kW Gewicht 618 kg Maße LxBxH 1738 x 799 x 1296 mm
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ecoTES dry ice blasting

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