Rent a dry ice blasting machine: fast – easy – cheap

Rent a dry ice blasting machine

Rent a dry ice blasting machine from a professional

Rental – the quick solution for all those who want to clean with dry ice at favourable conditions and in an environmentally friendly way. Rent a dry ice blasting machine, there are enough good reasons for it. Companies, businesses, craftsmen who regularly need dry ice blasting machines for work often decide to rent them. Lower costs speak for the decision. They are more flexible and save investments. Costs are only incurred for the rental period of the machines. There are also no repair or maintenance costs. ecoTES provides reliable machines.

Our service includes comprehensive advice. Our employees are available at any time to answer questions or solve problems. Of course we will instruct you on delivery in order to use the dry ice blasting machine optimally.

With ecoTES rental equipment you are flexible and on the safe side. Not only do you save money and nerves, but you always get a state-of-the-art machine to efficiently meet your requirements.


Buy dry ice pellets
✔ We rent only reconditioned machines
✔ Dry ice blasting machine ecoJETpro24, ecoJETpro58
✔ Compressors DOOSAN
✔ Dry ice transport boxes in different sizes
✔ Dry ice pellets (purchase) in 1.5 mm and 3 mm
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ecoTES dry ice blasting

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